Monday, 24 September 2012

Continuing the Mug Cosy Theme...

I've moved in to creating mug cosies using the colours of my footstools to display at the Knitting and Stitching shows in London and Harrogate. I love the brightness of them, I hope visitors to the shows like them too so I get lots of orders :)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mug Cosy's!

I've recently been playing around with patterns for mug cosy's, I've loved doing it as theyre so quick and easy to do yet have such a lovely result! Here are a few examples of a few I've done so far...


Monday, 17 September 2012


I've just had a quick look through my posts and realised that whilst I announced the opening of my ETSY shop, I failed to provide the link to it!

Christmas in September

I was having a chat with my friend at work recently, he was telling me about a hat he wanted and asked me whether or not I would be able to make one. I've never tried out following a pattern which involved shaping before so whilst I said yes definitely... I was secretly wondering what I'd let myself in for. If I thought that was hard enough I had to incorporate my own intarsia design too in order to give it a christmassy feel.
I started off creating the rib stitich, this was the easy bit and the rim of the hat was soon finished, now onto the hard part... I drew out the design I wanted to make onto squared paper and tried to fit the shaping around it. Suprisingly this started off well, the snowman was actually looking like a snowman!

But then came reducing the stitches. I had to K10 and then K2tog repeating this across the row, this was fine where the knit was plain but when the next 10th stitch landed on my design I thought I was in trouble! Knitting two stitches together on the picture would make it look distorted so I had to find a way to avoid this and thankfully I was successful, I realised I could do it either side of the picture as long as I made up for the stitches added the next time. So for example, I would have to K14 instead to avoid knitting stitches together on the snowman so once I was past it I K2tog and would only K6 the next time. It's hard to describe but it makes sense in my head and the results showed it to work...
I really like it, I think it needs some fine tuning to bring the snowflakes closer to the snowman but that's why I did this tester to figure out what I'd need to do to make it perfect. I quite like the colours as well, this is only in DK acrylic so not the most luxurious of materials! But I thought with it being a tester there's no point in wasting good wool.
I think I'm going to try out a few more of these in different designs and get them on my ETSY shop, so if anyone wants a kitsch holiday hat, give me an email at

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

And the Etsy shop is officially..... OPEN!

I finally manged to set up my Etsy page today, everything I have made so far has been listed and is available to buy.

I've been quite busy making this cushion these last few days, each flower is individually crocheted and then hand sewn together to cover the cushion. It's painstakingly slow work but I absolutly love it! The texture of it is amazing it feels so thick and cosy.