Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Home Again

So sad to say the Knitting and Stitching show is over! I had the best time in London and Harrogate, made new friends and met lots of lovely people who have both motivated and inspired me.
Here is a link to the UK Hand Knitting Assosiation's website with images of all the amazing finalists work on.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Knit and Stitch in Harrogate

I made it down to Harrogate in one piece and managed to get the shelves up by myself, now the Harrogate Knit and Stitch is in full swing and I'm getting lots of lovely feedback as well as selling a fair few mugs :) here are a few pictures...

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Judy's Attic

I've recently been working as part of a design cooperative called Judy's Attic which is a collective of designers aiming to work together to sell hand made crafts which have sustainability as a main focus. I've absolutely loved every minute of it so far and tonight we got the finishing touches done and got the shop up and ready.

It's in Zoo cafe down Newland Ave in Hull so if you're in the area anytime soon pop in and have a look there's some lovely work.

Here's a picture of the shop so far...

Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Knit and Stitch Part 2

Well it's almost that time again, in just over 2 weeks I'll be on route to Harrogate to showcase my work in the final part of the Knit and Stitch show. I can't wait to get there and get set up and I'm looking forward to knowing my bearings a bit more seeing as I visit most years! I'm all ready with extra business cards this time!

If you're free and in the area between the 22nd-25th November then come to the Harrogate design centre, there's loads of amazing work to see!