Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Pitter patter of teeny tiny feet...

Don't worry though, it's not me who's expecting, but my good friend from work. One of my other friends spotted a cute turtle photo-prop for baby photos on the Internet which looked gorgeously cute but wouldn't have made a very practical gift... So I tweaked the idea to make a fully functioning baby blanket. 

I started off using crocheted hexagons to form the turtle back. 

And then moved onto created the wrap around part of the blanket in stripes. It went well until I realised obviously the side of the shell isn't straight so it started to pucker! I just went with it...

And it kinda worked out in the end. Pretty chuffed with it! Now working on a few more surprises to add to the handmade hamper I'm making her, never had a baby close enough to make for before so I can't control myself :)


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Easter came early..

It's nearly that time of the year where we gorge ourselves on Creme Eggs and cheap Easter Egg chocolate. Learning from past mistakes I've started early this year and decided to make some little treats to sell at The Moon on a Stick on Newland Avenue. 

They're cute little crochet chicks made a bit more kookie using bright rainbow colours :) I made the pattern myself - pretty much making it up as I went along - I always work best that way. 

Each chick harbours a hidden creme egg and - if I may say so myself - look very cute! Well chuffed with the way these turned out :)

Sunday, 2 February 2014

No rest for the wicked...

This week saw me work a LOT and take a well deserved mini break in Liverpool as well as make a few little bits! 

Me and mummy Wilson too a trip to Liverpool for a couple of days to do some well earned shopping and see the infamous docks, which were not what I expected. We looked out onto the Mersey with a yummy costa hot chocolate, perfect day!

Whilst I was here I obviously sought out any haberdashery that Liverpool had to offer and bought some gorgeous yarns and a beautiful length of birdie ribbon :) 

And in any 5 minutes I had to spare here and there I managed to knock up some pretty sweet phone cases. Quite chuffed with how they turned out. 

Now to put that yarn to good use so I don't feel too guilty for buying it...