Wednesday, 22 August 2012

New Ventures...

Ive also been experimenting in the world of hair accessories too so that I have some little bits and pieces to sell at flea markets and the exhibitions. I've covered head bands and bobbles in my wool and then crocheted small flowers and hand stitched them together. I think they look quite cute and simple, here are a few examples, let me know what you think!
Apologies for the rubbish quality photo's, the lighting was bad!

I've done a lot in different colours and I'm thinking of listing them on my Etsy page, I will put up a link on here when I do.

Exciting News!

With so much going on recently I feel I've forgotton the blog a bit, so here's an update...
I recently entered my work into the Knitted Textile Award Competition and was delighted to find out that I have been picked to go through to the next round! This means I will go down to London and Harrogate to display my work at the Knit and Stitch shows and be in with the chance of winning a cash prize. I've just booked my hotel and train tickets for London so I can't wait to get down there. The Knit and Stitch show in London is open to the public from Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th October and I will be there the whole time so if anyone happens to be in London at that time please come and see me at Alexandra Palace. The same exhibition happens in Harrogate from Thursday the 22nd to Sunday the 25th of November so I will be there too!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My Very Own Website

Well I've finally got my website up and running, it's only very simple at the minute, when I get used to running it I will be able to make it a bit more exciting but for now I think it does it's job well, please have a look :)

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Had such a great day yesterday at In:Site, I decided to crochet bomb a park bench, covering it in my hand crocheted flowers. I had a lot of people stopping and talking to me about what I was doing and best of all could see a lot of people walking past and smiling at it. The whole day was none stop crocheting and sewing to the bench but was well worth it as I was so pleased with the results. In:Site is going on all week with three designers putting together a piece of their work each day so if you're in the Birmingham area I'd recommend you pop down to Cathedral Square (Pigeon Park) and have a look as the place was looking fab on just the second day, I can't wait to see the results on Friday. I'm sad to say I won't be able to make it down in person because I live so far away but I can't wait to see the pictures. Craftspace is the organisation which has put the whole event together so I'm sure many pictures and videos of each day will follow on their Facebook page;!/craftspace their twitter; and as well as their website;

I met so many lovely people and had such a great day and it's really made me consider taking part in events like this in the future as part of my career, I better get researching... watch this space!

The finished piece from far away, I love the brightness of it and this is the main element passers by would comment on.

The gazebo where we sheltered from the - very few thankfully - showers of rain.

The final piece close up! I'm very happy with the results.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Here's the article written about my work for The Hull Daily Mail, the article is fab but I think I need to learn to smile a bit more..... :)