Monday, 8 October 2012

Festive Hats

I've had a few requests from friends recently for personalised bobble hats and I've loved making them! Here are a few pictures...
Made out of pure wool, this should keep my friends head nice and toasty in the winter. I have hand knit it using chunky wool.

I love the pink and cream combination, it reminds me of a strawberry ice cream.

I knitted the penguin seperately on this one, I felt it would be easier than trying to incorporate it in the design whilst reducing stitches. It gives it a more three dimensional cosy feel I think so it worked well!

I love the colour of this hat, the photograph doesn't do it justice. It is made using pure cream and burgundy British wool. I thought it would be difficult to create the snowflakes but whilst they were a little bit fiddley it was nothing really challenging, I wanted to keep this one for myself!
I've added the hats to my Etsy shop and I'm willing to try any design anyone wants as well as any colour so please enquire either on my Etsy shop at;
Or give me an email on

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