Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Well, I'm home and settled after an amazing week in London. I must admit I was pretty terrified at first, the thought of being in London on my own with all these people I'd never met before was very scary but my worries were soon proven to be for nothing as everyone I met was lovely and the whole experience has really boosted my confidence.
I went down on the Tuesday with my mum to suss the area out and have a scout around Alexandra Palace - which is huge! Thank god my mum could come with me on the first day because I would never have gotten my footstools down there and set up without her! The tubes are a nightmare when busy at the best of times but with two heavy suitcases in tow it was not a pleasant experience! We made it there in one piece though and managed to suss the area out nicely it was a pretty simple walk.
Alexandra Palace

The amazing view from Alexandra Palace
Then came setting up! I decided on having two shelves to store my mug cosies on and then my stools were on a plynth underneath, here's where mum came to the rescue again! I was no help at all in putting the shelves up she did it all - I'll have to practice for Harrogate seeing as I'm all on my own then!
It was great to see everything coming together and finally being able to meet everyone and see their work. Here are a few photo's of the exhibition...
My Stand!

Mug Cosies for Sale!

The Mug Cosy Tower
I loved my area because it faced onto the walkway so attracted people towards the stand, I do think that had I been on the inside I would have sold less mugs because being on the outside meant the mugs caught the eyes of those who didn't plan on coming into the exhibition space.
The other work in the stand was amazing, I was in awe of the time, effort and skills that went into the work produced by the other finalists, here's a picture of the work by each finalist...




I hope you agree all the work is amazing! I can't wait to do it all over again next month :)

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