Friday, 31 May 2013

Hull School of Art and Design Final Degree Show

Can't believe it's that time of the year again, all the hard work of the Foundation Degree and BA Hons students at the Hull School of Art and Design has come together to create a beautiful degree show. I must admit it was lovely to be on the viewing side this year :)

                     Hannah Ladd

This beautiful work is by one of my best friends and third year art student Hannah Ladd, inspired by 'cropped photos of the body,' the aim of her pieces are to 'challenge western society's idea of the normal and perfect' I love the abstract feel she creates. 


                 Bernadette Newton

I loved this installation, created by former textiles turned art student Bernadette Newton the piece consists of shredded tape measures knitted into hangings which 'become part of the existing architecture,' really love the texture!

                      Katy Wood

Love love love these prints by third year textile student Katy, I like the contrast between the abstract background and the intricate patterns on top. 

                   Najmeh Gadirian

Another fabulous collection of prints produced by textiles student Najmeh. Really like the use of colour, especially the splashes of yellow contrasting with the dark purples. 

                     Emilia Maley

Such a cute collection of knitted dog clothes created by textiles student Emilia, love the colours and the individuality of materials and techniques used. 


       Aimee ledger's Buns and Cosies 

This has to be one of my faves out of the whole show, Aimee's work is insane, individual, crazy and amazing just like her personality - you can definitely see how her own style has impacted on her final pieces. Love the wacky colours and techniques and the fact that the longer you look at each piece the more you discover. 

               Jurgita liaudanskaite

The colours and textures in these pieces created by Jurgita are amazing I love the deep purple and the layers of felt around the necklines. 

                     Emily Burman

I love the colours Emily has used, the purples and yellow/green compliment each other well whilst making the designs stand out. 

                       Jodie Biglin

Texture is my all time favourite element and this work creates this perfectly, I love the rusty colours!

                      Sarah Stewart 

Specialising in knit, third year textiles student Sarah has created this gorgeous knit covered chair made using natural wool. It a simple yet effective idea and looks amazing. 

                   Sarah Tomlinson 

Weave designer has created these lovey textural pieces using both natural and beautifully bright colours. 

                Rachael Sanders

These amazing pieces are made by textile student Rachael who specialises in weave. I love the colours used they have such an impact! 

There were so many more pieces I didn't get to photograph but loved - especially in the illustration room, it was such an amazing show full of a massive variety. It's definitely worth a visit and will be up at the Hull School of Art and Design for the rest of the week. 

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