Sunday, 19 May 2013

New collections

I've been feeling a bit lost recently and unsure what to make. I think I got stuck in a bit of a rut making lots of random things. So I decided to reassess what has sold best at the shop and had a think about how I could reinvent my best sellers. 

The phone covers tended to be the most frequently sold items at The Moon on a Stick so I decided to focus on making more of those. I also realised that colour plays a big part in catching the eyes of potential customers and decided to create a 'collection' of items which would match in colour. I've made grey my constant theme throughout and have matched it with quite vintage colours; mustard, teal and prawn pink. 

I love the results of these phone cases and have tried out larger scale items like iPad covers. I can't wait to get these in the shop and see what feedback I get. Here are a few images :)

These were the first phone cases I tried out, it was more difficult than I expected to change colour because, unlike knit, crochet doesn't really have a back or a front so on one side the yarns kept getting in the way. I love this colour combination it's my favourite so far. 

This is the iPad cover, I found it a lot easier to create the pattern on this one because its a larger scale. For some reason the different coloured shapes don't seem to work out as well on a smaller scale. 

Button detail on the iPad cover. 

I really enjoyed working with the light teal/grey colour combination, I think it's quit subtle but still effective. 

Button detail on the phone cover. 

I also played around with appliqué, creating crochet bows to attach to each side. 

These photos don't do the pink much justice because of the lighting, it's a lot more shrimp coloured in real life. I really like this combination too it gives it that extra girly feel. 

Button detail on the pink stripy phone cover. 

I created this effect by changing colour on each stitch, I love it as it looks quite like a tweed. 

These were very fiddly and took a lot more time than any other I've made because I had to appliqué each bow on separately. I like the effect but it takes far too long to be cost effective I think. 

I'm really happy with my overall mini collection I think they all tie in nicely without looking too similar. I tried to make each one individual so that I can bran them as being unique. I really enjoyed working in the colour scheme so watch this space I'm sure there will be more to come :)

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